Monday, September 22, 2008

Brooklyn starts Preschool and Dance!

I'm a little bit slow in posting this, but a couple of weeks ago Brooklyn started her little Preschool class and she loves it! The first day that I took her to school she told me that I couldn't stay there and that I needed to leave! It would have been nice if she would have shown just a little apprehension about me leaving, but I'm glad that she at least has fun and feels comfortable there. Her teacher is "Mrs. Whoa-sey" (Mrs. Woolsey, I just love to hear Brookie say her name), and she goes two mornings a week for 2 1/2 hours each, so it is just enough time for me to run a few errands before I go back to get her!

I also decided a couple of weeks ago to have Brooklyn try out a dance class at the same studio that Jacey goes to. I wasn't sure about her interest level or attention span at first, but after a couple of weeks she has quickly gotten the hang of things and seems to have fun.


There's no doubt that if you live in this house you'd better be a die-hard BYU fan. I'm just glad that at least this year BYU is giving us a lot to cheer about (things are a lot less tense on Saturdays when they are winning their games convincingly).

Last week Brooklyn found Jon's BYU hat on the counter and put it on. She looked so cute I had to post a picture!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Jacey's 6th Birthday!

Jacey had a great 6th birthday today (actually, it was more of a birthday weekend!) "Red Grandma" and "Grandpa Broken Legs" came down to visit us over the weekend and brought down Tara and Jenna, two of Jacey's cousins. The kids had a ball and played all weekend. Since they had to leave to go home earlier today, we had a little family party on Sunday. I made Jacey a cool butterfly cake and we opened up her presents. Her favorite present was definitely a big Disney princess dollhouse (she has been wanting a dollhouse for a long time). After G & G and the cousins left today, we went out shopping to buy Jacey some school clothes, and then we took the kids to a new rec center to go swimming. The kids had a blast there and especially loved going down the water slides. We topped off the day by going out to eat at Golden Corral for dinner (Jon and Jacey's choice, not mine). Jacey had a great birthday weekend and kept saying "Thanks Mom and Dad! This is the best birthday!" Those are the best words a parent can hear, but I hope that we haven't set too high of a standard for next year! Thanks to Cathy and Mike for making the effort to come down and for bringing to cousins with you. It sure made Jacey's day more special!

P.S. I decided to copy Stef's idea of doing baby and old birthday photos as well as the new birthday pics for this year. It's quite touching and amazing to see how fast my little girl has grown up!