Wednesday, January 19, 2011

June 2010--More Summer Fun

It is so nice when it gets to be summertime and we can enjoy being outside again.  We have such long winters and get cabin fever from being holed up inside the house 8 months out of the year, so we try to enjoy it while we can.  We got out our inflatable water slide a few times during the summer and the kids invited friends over to go sliding with them, although what they like to do most is just lounge in the pool at the bottom of the slide!


June 2010--Larsen Mini Reunion in St. George

June proved to be the month of family get-togethers.  We got a chance to meet up in St. George for a weekend in June with most of Jon's family and spent some time together hiking up in the red cliffs, going out to dinner and ice cream and swimming at the pool.  It was a fun weekend!

June 2010--Jon turns 3_?

We had one more birthday party while we were out in California, this time for Jon.  Since we had to drive back home on his actual birthday the next day, we celebrated it a day early.  He doesn't like cake, so this time we had pie.  I am so grateful for this man--he works hard and is a good dad to the kids.

June 2010--Best Buddies and Good Times With the Fam

It was fun to get Landon and his cousin Austin together during our trip last June.  They are almost 6 months apart and Landon mostly tormented Austin while we were there by poking him in the face and head, but I know he loves him and hope that they will be best buds in the years to come.
We also engaged in another Mitchell Family game of croquet while we were out there.  Good family, good times!

June 2010--Brooklyn's 5th Birthday

Brooklyn celebrated her 5th birthday while we were out in California in June.  We spent the first part of the day at the beach, and then we had a fun family "surprise party" for her that evening.  Before her birthday Brooklyn told me that she wanted to have a surprise party and told me all of the elements that were needed for it:  Balloons, streamers, party hats, presents, pizza, soda and cake.  Grandpa and Jacey took care of the decorating, I made her a soccer ball cake, and the guys went out to get the pizza and soda.  As you can see, she got lots of fun presents and loved being able to spend her birthday with Grandma and Grandpa, Michael, Jeff, Amy and Austin.  She is such a fun and precocious girl and we love having her in our family!  Happy Birthday to our Brookie-Tookie!
Cute birthday girl at the beach!
She loved playing with Uncle Jeff in the waves!
Landon absolutely hated the beach!  (he must get it from California Grandma)
Meanwhile, cousin Austin was absolutely content.

Jacey and Grandpa did a great job with the decorating.
Way too many presents
I am actually quite proud of my cake decorating skills here!
Landon's ready for the party!
Queen of the party!
Priceless reactions to opening Grandma, Grandpa and Michael's gift!

So happy to have Super Mario Bros. for the Wii!
Making a wish. . .
Hoping it will come true!
Blowing so hard she is cross-eyed!