Friday, May 20, 2011

Jacey's Baptism Day

Jacey was baptized on September 4, 2010.  She had the opportunity to get baptized with her cousin Jenna, who was born only a few weeks before Jacey.  They have been good buds ever since they were born, so it was fun for them to share their special day together.  My brother Michael and my parents made the trip up from California, and we had many other family members there for it as well.  Jacey is such a sweet and tender-hearted girl, and I am glad that she made the decision to be baptized.
 Jacey was baptized in the same dress I wore for my baptism--25 years ago!

Jacey and Jenna

Jacey with California Grandma and Grandpa

 Jacey, Brooklyn and Jenna sang "I Think He Smiles" during the service--
I think that Brookie sang the loudest!

 Jacey with Red Grandma and Grandpa Broken Legs


Jacey's Photo Shoot

I decided to have a friend take some pictures of Jacey for her baptism.  Jacey loved the whole process of getting all gussied up and having someone pose her and take her pictures.  Maybe a modeling career in her future?

 This last one is my favorite.  It shows so much personality!

Jacey's 8th Birthday

Jacey turned 8 on September 1.  It's hard to believe that she is growing up so fast!  Since it was a big birthday, I let her choose what she wanted to do for a party.  She decided to that she wanted to go swimming at the rec center pool, and then come home to open presents and have pizza, cake and ice cream.  We had to have her party a few days early because we were going to be gone up north for her baptism over the Labor Day weekend.  She invited 5 friends to come and they had a blast!

 My lovely peace sign cake!

Landon is already a ladies' man!

We had a family birthday party a few days later on her actual birthday.  Check out the play-by-play when she opened the iPod shuffle that she had been "dreaming of".  The reaction is classic!  She even got her name engraved on it, courtesy of the Apple store.

 Guess she had a good birthday!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Day of School 2010

Jacey started school again in mid-August.  I decided to start a new tradition this year of taking the kids out on a little mommy-daughter date the night before school starts.  Jacey and I went to the movies to see "Despicable Me" and had a lot of fun.

Jacey is in 3rd grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. Zeigler.  She loves school and does so well there both scholastically as well as socially.  Here are a couple of pictures from her first day, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of her in her classroom because she said she was "too embarrassed" to let me take pictures of her there.  Sigh. (btw, she got some new, stylish glasses right before school started and picked out this outfit by herself at the store)
Brooklyn didn't start school until a couple of weeks after Jacey.  She started kindergarten this year and is in the morning class with most of her friends.  Her teacher is Mrs. Ross, who we love and was also Jacey's kindergarten teacher.  Since she is not embarrassed by her Mom yet, she let me take pictures of her in her classroom and with her teacher.

Rounding Out the Summer

A couple of days before school began in August we met up with some friends and headed out to explore the new reservoir that they opened by our house.  It was kind of a fun place for the kids although I wish that they would have brought in real sand for the "beach" instead of the gross, gravelly stuff.  Sand or no sand, the kids still attempted to make sand castles and do other "beachy" activities.

We also started another year of AYSO in August.  Jacey missed the age cutoff by only a month to play with her school friends and actually had to play on a team with 1st and 2nd graders.  Although she didn't have any friends on her team, she seized the opportunity to become her team's star player and scored most of their goals.  Her team only lost a couple of games all season. Unfortunately, Brooklyn's team had a tough season but she still had fun and also scored quite a few goals.  Here are a few pics of them in all their soccer glory:


And finally, you know it's time for kids to go back to school when they are so bored that they start dressing up their little brother.  Poor Landon.