Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Day of School 2010

Jacey started school again in mid-August.  I decided to start a new tradition this year of taking the kids out on a little mommy-daughter date the night before school starts.  Jacey and I went to the movies to see "Despicable Me" and had a lot of fun.

Jacey is in 3rd grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. Zeigler.  She loves school and does so well there both scholastically as well as socially.  Here are a couple of pictures from her first day, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of her in her classroom because she said she was "too embarrassed" to let me take pictures of her there.  Sigh. (btw, she got some new, stylish glasses right before school started and picked out this outfit by herself at the store)
Brooklyn didn't start school until a couple of weeks after Jacey.  She started kindergarten this year and is in the morning class with most of her friends.  Her teacher is Mrs. Ross, who we love and was also Jacey's kindergarten teacher.  Since she is not embarrassed by her Mom yet, she let me take pictures of her in her classroom and with her teacher.

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