Monday, April 12, 2010

Gee, Do You Think it is Time For an Update?

As painful as it was, I decided today that it was time for me to return from my blogging vacation. It feels as though I have been staring at that sink-full of dishes for the past few months, knowing that I needed to get cracking on it but dreading the task ahead. And while I am not yet caught up, my hopes are high that I will be up to date soon enough. Check back here again soon--I might surprise you! But in the meantime, enjoy the new posts, as redundant as they might be!

Snow Days!

It has been one snowy winter this year! Although it has not been quite as cold as the deep freeze of winter '07, I think that we have gotten more snow this winter than almost any other since we have lived here. It has made for some good sledding weather for the kids, and we took advantage of it when we could!

Grandpa's Funeral

As mentioned in an earlier post, my Grandpa Crosbie passed away at the end of December, and so we took an unexpected trip up to Logan for his funeral, which was held on Jan. 2. Grandpa's service was probably one of the neatest I have ever been to as was buried with full military honors and even had a bagpiper there playing to honor his Scottish heritage. I see funerals as a mixed blessing. While I never look forward to them, it was a great opportunity to see and reconnect with cousins, aunts and uncles that I haven't seen in years. It was an added bonus to see my sister Stefani and my brother Jeff again.

Christmas 2009

For Christmas we decided to keep with the theme of "Please come to us, because we can't come to you!" and my mom, dad and brother Michael came to spend the holidays with us. I have to work Saturdays at the bank and since Christmas fell on a Friday last year, I knew I would never be able to get anyone to work for me that weekend. We had a great time with my family and it was an especially fun year with the kids now that both the girls are old enough to anticipate Santa coming. Speaking of Santa, he spoiled us again this year and brought the family a Wii (because nothing spells good times like W-i-i) and he also brought me an awesome new camera so that I could finally take some good pictures of my kids! Santa also brought the girls new sleds (which we have made good use of this winter), games for their DS and Leapster, and many other assorted goodies. Landon was also a good boy and got some fun new toys, including his most favorite toy ever--the Playschool Ball Popper! Jon surprised me with what will surely be my most favorite gift ever--a day of pampering at an awesome spa! I have not been able to use it yet, but I am eagerly anticipating the day when I can leave all my troubles behind! Anyone want to join me?

Have you ever seen a cuter Santa Baby?

The girls had fun making Christmas Cookies with Grandpa

Jacey meticulously frosted her cookies. . .

while Brooklyn went about it with her usual, carefree attitude.
(don't worry, we said a blessing over these cookies!)

The kids all got brand new Christmas pj's!

The stash of gifts under the tree. . .

and the stash of gifts that Santa left behind.

The kiddos all lined up on Christmas morning!

The looks on their faces is the best part of Christmas!

The whole fam-damily! But where is Landon you ask?

Hiding by the couch, playing with his Christmas loot!

I didn't get many pictures of Grandma, Grandpa and Michael,
but here they are, looking uh, bored?

The awesome quilt that my mom made Landon, a la "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

The aftermath of Christmas

These three kids are definitely looking forward to next Christmas!
(Don't worry, it's only 8 months away now!)

Thanksgiving 2009

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of our actual Thanksgiving, but we had Jon's mom and dad visit us for a few days. We also hosted Jon's sister Kristen's in-laws, Kent and Carol, who were down in our area visiting and were just going to go to a restaurant for dinner! We couldn't have that, so we convinced them to join us. It was a fun visit and of course we all ate way too much food! I did snap this cute picture of Brooklyn wearing her "Pilgrim Bonnet" that she had made in preschool. Does that count? I must get better at taking pictures!