Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goodbye Grandpa, We'll Miss You

I got some unexpected news today: my one living Grandpa has passed away. He lived a great 87 (almost 88) years. Thankfully my parents happened to be up at their house from California when Grandpa suddenly fell ill. I am so glad that my mom had one last chance to be with him, and that she is able to be there to lend support to my Grandma, who surely needs it right now.

I am also so grateful that I had a chance to see Grandpa a few months ago at Landon's blessing. He looked great and still had his witty sense of humor, despite his physical limitations. We got a couple of pictures of the kids with Grandma and Grandpa, which I will always cherish.

I have five memories that stand out with Grandpa:
1. Going out into the backyard to see his "pheasant house"
2. Going down into the basement with Grandpa, where there always seemed to be an extensive collection of ice cream to choose from. He always let me have whatever flavor I wanted.
3. Grandpa would teach me to go around the yard and pick all of the snails off of the plants in the garden. Sounds gross but I remember having so much fun doing it!
4. Grandpa always seemed to be reading the Wall Street Journal and was always up to speed on how the market was doing. He loved to give a tutorial to anyone who had a listening ear!
5. Grandpa's collection of "Dickies" that he wore to work out in the yard. He seemed to have one in every color!

Grandpa, we love you and will miss you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Family Pictures

We recently got some family pictures taken (our first ones ever!). There were especially some cute ones of the kids. Here are some of my favorites: