Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Girl's Dance Recital

In mid-December the girls had their Christmas Dance Recital. Jacey has been through many of these before, but I was a little nervous about whether Brooklyn would actually stay up on the stage and do her dances. I remembered back to when Jacey was her age and at her first recital she just stood up there on the stage like a deer in the headlights. I was surprised when Brooklyn not only stayed up on the stage, but she was actually one of the best ones in her class. She loved every minute of being in the spotlight, and after her dances were over she said she wanted to go back up on the stage again. Both girls did a really great job. Thanks to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Amy for coming and watching the girls--it was fun to have them there with us! Here are some pics from the recital, although many did not turn out great. Probably a combination of the weird lighting and our crappy camera!

Christmas Parade

At the beginning of December the kids and I went with my friend Sarah and her boys to the city's Children's Christmas parade. Somehow, Jon manages to escape going every year with us, probably because it usually coincides with a BYU football game. The weather was awesome and unseasonably warm (unlike past year's where we are half-frozen by the end). Most importantly, the kids had a great time!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Jon's family and had a nice time. We had a really yummy dinner, with everyone bringing their "best dish" to share. Uncle Kyle gave the kids rides on the scooter, we played games, and we even took the kids on the Trax up to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. Brooklyn loved her first-ever ride on a "train" and insisted on sitting in a seat all by herself. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Little Reader

Jacey has really become an advanced reader this year, and she loves to read books to Brooklyn. One night they were playing in their room, and after not seeing them for quite awhile I decided to check up on what they were doing. Here is what I found:I left them alone for a few minutes to finish reading their books, and came back to check on them again a little bit later. So sweet! As you can see, Brooklyn can fall asleep almost anywhere (kind of like her Dad!)

Sleeping on the Job!

Okay, so for everybody wondering if we were EVER going to update our blog, I am going to attempt to over the next couple of days. Sorry I have been so slow in posting, it seems like both December and January have been crazy with the holidays and post-holiday stuff to catch up on. My house has finally been cleaned, Christmas stuff has been put away, work stuff caught up with, and I feel like I have finally somewhat caught up on sleep. So buckle your seat belt, here are the last couple of months worth of activities and happenings for the Larsen's. . .