Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Definitely Fall!

It has been such a beautiful autumn this year. One thing I have really learned to love about living here is watching the changing of the seasons, especially from summer to fall. A few weekends ago we were feeling cooped up in the house and decided to take the kids to a nearby park that is by the mouth of the canyon. We spent a little time playing at the park and then took a little hike up a trail that leads into the canyon. The kids took bags with them to collect all of their "treasures" from the hike, i.e lots of rocks and leaves. It really was a beautiful day and the kids had a lot of fun. It made me realize how little we get out and take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities that we live by. We really need to learn to be more adventurous!

Looking for cool leaves. . .

and rocks too!

Cute picture of Jon and Brooklyn

If this were a picture of all boys I might wonder what they were doing

Sweet sisters!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a pretty fun Halloween this year. The kids really seem to be "getting it" more as they get older, and were counting down the days until they could go out trick-or-treating. Brooklyn had her little Halloween party at preschool on Thursday morning and had a good time. Jacey, unfortunately, came down with a fever early Friday morning and had to miss a good part of school that day, but thanks to the miracle of medicine, we were able to at least get her to her Halloween party in the afternoon and she was able to make it through the last few hours of her school day. It is kind of a bummer because her elementary school principal does not allow the children to dress up on Halloween, so no traditional costume parade, but I guess that she at least lets them have the party.

On Halloween night we went to the ward Halloween party at the church, and then afterwards they had the truck-or-treat in the parking lot. Jacey was kind of feeling under the weather again at the party and was a little bit out of it, but Brooklyn loved going from car to car saying "Trunk-or-treat!" Afterwards we came back to our neighborhood and went around to a few friends and neighbor's houses, and then the kids were pooped so we came home. Now we are up to our ears in candy, but the kids loved it and can't wait until next year!

P.S. As you can see in the pictures below, Jacey was a "nice witch" and Brooklyn was Sleeping Beauty. I must also say that I am quite proud of myself this year with my pumpkin carving abilities!